There are many strings to Keats Quartet’s bow

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After dazzling audiences with their three performances in Berwickshire last August, Keats Quartet are back to end the summer on a high note.

The foursome pride themselves on playing an eclectic mix of music, drawing inspiration from classical and mainstream.

They return to Cockburnspath and Longformacus next week and if the reviews from last time around are anything to go by anyone who’s got a ticket is in for a real treat.

One happy audience member called them “marvellous and magical” while another said their performance “electrified a sleepy village hall”.

Violinist May Robertson said the band look forward to their trips to the Borders so are preparing a varied programme of music for their return.

“Diversity is very much at the heart of what we do,” she commented.

“We’ve done a few weddings recently where we’ve had some random requests, most recently the West Ham song ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles - the groom’s choice not the bride’s!

“We enjoy playing all types of music as we each have our own influences.

“Our Longformacus show is taking the form of a classical recital but our Cockburnspath show will be a real mix of classical, folk and mainstream, ranging from 20th century music from Benjamin Britten to a modern pop song - we haven’t quite decided in the repertoire yet but there may even be some singing involved too.”

May admitted that audiences are often surprised by what Keats Quartet play but said that she likes to think they enjoy being shocked.

“I think people really like the process of thinking that they don’t know a song but then realising they do after they’ve heard more.

“I don’t think people have too many prejudices on what they expect to hear when they come to see us play.

“Our shows are quite inclusive.”

*Tickets for Keats Quartet’s Longformacus show on Friday, August 29, at 7.30pm are £8 and tickets for Cockburnspath on Saturday, August 30, are on sale from the community cafe and village shop.