Duns Players perform The Diary of Anne Frank

Maddy Lerpiniere and Susanna McEwan play Anne Frank at various stages of her life
Maddy Lerpiniere and Susanna McEwan play Anne Frank at various stages of her life

A stage version of Anne Frank’s famous WW2 diary is coming to the Volunteer Hall, Duns, next month to mark Armistice Week.

It will bring to life the teenage Jewish girl’s account of two years spent hiding from Nazi occupiers in an Amsterdam attic between 1942 and 1944.

In constant fear of being arrested and shipped to a concentration camp like fellow Jews, Anne and her family had to remain still and silent during daylight hours for fear of alerting workers in the factory downstairs.

At night when the building was empty, they could move around, talk and enjoy some semblance of family life.

Peter Lerpiniere who, with Eloner Crawford, is directing the play for Duns Players said: “Anne is a clever, spirited girl with a great zest for life.

“She describes her experience of this terrifying confinement with wonderful wit and humour.

“Her quick tongue can also be pretty maddening for some of the people shut up in the attic with her, so the audience sees the human situation from all sides in this play.

“From the adolescent girl growing up without even being able to go outside, and the people caught at the sharp end of her frustration - all under the dark cloud of constant fear.”

Duns Players is staging the production using a cast of local actors, including three local school girls for the character of Anne herself: one to play Anne from the age of 13 to 14, one to play Anne aged 14 to 15, and one to play the voice of Anne‘s diary.

The stage play is used as a set text for school study, and Duns Players hope that as many young people as possible of secondary-school age will come to watch the play.

This year all proceeds will go to War Child, the charity for children affected by war.

The play will run from Wednesday November 11 to Friday November 13, Duns Volunteer Hall 7:30pm.