A Brief History of Evil

History of Evil
History of Evil

Theatre goers looking for a thrill should come along to ‘A Brief History of Evil’ at MacArts in Galashiels on Friday, October 7, at 7.30pm. This play is hilarious and mesmerising, terrifying and absurd, a duet about lies and where they can lead us.

Who hasn’t embroidered the truth, or pretended to be someone they’re not? When all the lies are stripped away, who is left? When we look in the mirror, who looks back? Which version is really us? A white-knuckle ride to an unknown destination.

A Brief History of Evil combines Company of Wolves’ electrifying movement style with the vulnerability, mockery, and satire of clown and buffon. The result is a performance that is dangerous, relentless, and very, very funny.

Devised and performed by Ewan Downie and Jonathan Peck from the Company of Wolves whose performances use elements of theatre, dance and music to inspire and challenge. Searching for what delights us: the knot in the stomach, the shiver down the spine.

It is a show for audiences who are curious, enjoy humour, and are ready to try something a little different, inspired by the action-filled entertainment of Manga, martial arts and comic books.

A dark, wildly entertaining comedy with an edge of surrealism - ‘Waiting for Godot’ meets ‘The League of Gentlemen.’ Tickets cost £10 and £8. More details at www.companyofwolves.org.uk or www.macarts.scot