Stunning show offers new take on classic panto

Cinderella (Hannah Combe) tries on the glass slipper with help from Dandini (Caitlin Lauder)'Eyemouth Variety Youth Theatre Group open pantomime season with Cinderella
Cinderella (Hannah Combe) tries on the glass slipper with help from Dandini (Caitlin Lauder)'Eyemouth Variety Youth Theatre Group open pantomime season with Cinderella

Eyemouth Variety Group had a ball with their fantastic production of the classic pantomime ‘Cinderella’.

Jam packed with musical numbers, and witty one-liners by the dozen, Cinderella takes us on a magical whistle stop tour of the village of Stoneybroke and Prince Charming’s hunt for a wife.

Cinderella was performed particularly well by Hannah Combe, whose performance was second-to-none.

This really was a flawless show; witty, colourful, vibrant and hugely entertaining.

From the moment the curtain rose on the astonishing vocals of the Fairy Godmother (Roma Peakman), the characters captured our imagination and did more than just entertain the audience.

And of course, which pantomime would be complete without Buttons? A truly brilliant performance from Rory Fairbairn in this role, with witty one liners and jokes galore.

Yet another great performance came from the Ugly Sisters, Grizelda and Gertrude (Campbell McNeil and Steve Sadler) in hilarious costumes; they were the perfect pantomime dames and gave a performance that left the audience in stitches.

Of course, most of the cast in the production were under 18; and for a show that oozed quality, it really didn’t show.

A fantastically whimsical performace also came from the two nefarious handymen Bodget and Legget (Archie Bogle and Jack Ritchie) who kept the audience topped up with their brilliant wit and humour - a performance that somewhat resembled a young Morecambe and Wise.

Great performances also came from Baron Hardup (Max McNeil) and the sassy Baroness (Elle Drummond) who lightened up the musical bonanza with brilliant squabbles and arguments.

Fantastic performances all round for Prince Charming (Brooke Heary) who provided the perfect romance for Cinderella and Dandini (Caitlin Lauder) as the sharp Prince’s aide. Sympathetic lighting helped to create just the right atmosphere and sensitive sound allowed us to hear clearly every word said or sung.

Pauline Grieve and Joan Blatchely produced the show and should be immensely proud of the entertainment they provided: it really was amazing.

I was pleasantly astonished by this year’s performance - and I can only look forward to what the next year has in store.


Fairy Godmother - Roma Peakman

Cinderella - Hannah Combe

Buttons - Rory Fairbairn

Hagan the Horse - Shergar

Baron Hardup - Max McNeil

Grizelda - Campbell McNeil

Gertrude - Steve Sadler

Bodget - Archie Bogle

Leggett - Jack Ritchie

Baroness - Elle Drummond

Chambers - Sebastian Aitchison

Prince Charming - Brooke Heary

Dandini - Caitlin Lauder

Dancers - Kirsten Hood, Alisa Landels, Hannah Ritchie, Sophie Ritchie, Carly Robertson

Singers - Cara Heary, Mirren McTavish

Chorus - Sophie Arnott, Leokie Barnett, Joshua Campion, Freya Cook, Alisha Cooledge, Layla Crowe, Hazel Dougal, Paige Hawrylewicz, Halle Holmes, Heather Inglis, Mia Jappy, Leona Maltman, Tamara McFarlane, Melissa McFarlane, Rose McTavish, Rosie Mitchell, Colbie-Kate Ross, Ellie Mae Turnbull, Charlie Ross, Sian Wainwright, Taryn Walker, Abbey Watkinson, Cody Watkinson, Demi White, Sadie Worrall