Soulful and heartfelt lyrics from Seafret

Bridlington duo Seafret
Bridlington duo Seafret

Bridlington duo Seafret will perform at Hemelvaart Bier Cafe, Ayton, on September 22.

Together, Jack Sedman on vocals and multi-instrumentalist Harry Draper, have come a long way in a short space of time.

Known for their effortless, chilled out sound and their seamless chemistry between one another, with Sedman’s rich vocals tones soaring above the intricate guitar playing of Draper. Their lyrics focus on love found and love lost but in the hands of Seafret, they sound like something much more, and are turned into anthems for the lovelost.

Their debut studio album, Tell Me It’s Real was released early in 2016. The album peaked at No. 59 on the UK Albums Chart, with tracks Oceans, Wildfire and Atlantis gathering an online audience of millions.

Seafret’s energising and powerful video for their release of their heart-breaking single Oceans starred Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams. Her role as a bullied girl with blossoming superhero powers perfectly matches the dark lyrics, acoustic edge and melancholy vocals of the track itself.

The band decided to try something new with their newly released EP, ‘Monsters’. They said, “The songs we’ve selected were chosen to show our followers the different types of music we’re working on while creating our second album. Performance starts at 7pm. Tickets £10 from