Sausage rolls to spiritual encounters

Anne Dawson
Anne Dawson
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A few years ago Anne Smith was a product development manager for Greggs but now her full time job is giving hope to others through her role as spiritualist.

And Anne, also known as Angel Anne, is arriving at the Black and Gold, with her medium partner in crime Jane Dawson for a show which aims to bring messages from the spirit world into the heart of communities.

A very different brief from what Anne was used to during her time with Greggs but she believed it was a sign that she needed to move on when she was diagnosed with a wheat allergy.

“There was no way I could have continued in my role having the allergy,” she explained.

I was fortunate enough to taste and test all of the new products so it became very frustrating not to be able to do that anymore!

“But prior to that I’d had a spiritual encounter which led to me believing I should be helping people through words.

“I was already doing a part-time medium course and that was the push I needed to do it full time.”

Anne and Jane are now known right through the UK for their shows and Anne said she took great pride in her work.

“It is very heartening to see people leaving our shows with a real spring in their step after hearing from a relative.

“To me it’s like when you go on holiday. The first thing many people do is ring home to let family know they’ve got there OK and that’s want people want to do in the spirit world; to bring reassurance and hope.

“Of course you get a different kind of pride from touching someone’s soul than you do from tasting the perfect chicken oval bake!”

Like Anne, Jane came to mediumship later in life after working as a civil servant but it was a very poignant moment which made her want to follow that route.

“My dad died of lung cancer when I was pregnant but while I was in labour I could feel his energy in the room.

“And then when I took the baby home there were little signs telling me he was there. It was like he just wanted to say hello.

“I’d always had a massive interest in the spirit world and often felt psychic as I could tell what people’s real emotions were.

“Like Anne I like to bring joy and laughter to others.”