Review: Theatre Group fly high with Peter Pan

Eyemouth Variety Group stage Peter Pan
Eyemouth Variety Group stage Peter Pan


THIS talented bunch were the first to throw their hat into the local panto ring last week and my did they hey set a high standard for others to follow.

With some of the best chart hits from the last few years; fairies; a high flying hero and even a crocodile thrown into the mix they had all the ingredients required to make a hearty panto packed full of some early Christmas cheer.

Eyemouth Variety Group stage Peter Pan

Eyemouth Variety Group stage Peter Pan

As Peter Pan, Brooke Heary was everything you’d want from a leading man. She might have been a girl filling a boy’s shoes but she had the confidence and enthusiasm to ensure her gender wasn’t an obstacle. And, like many of her cast mates, she was blessed with a cracking voice which was displayed particularly well in her interpretation of Michael Buble’s ‘Just Haven’t Met You Yet’.

Singing talent is something the Theatre Group have in abundance meaning group numbers such as ‘Bad’ and ‘Our House’ made a real impact. And speaking of bad, ‘the group had themselves a top grade villain in the form of Craig Rosie’s Captain Hook. He made Hook a force to be reckoned with but also showed his comedic side when collaborating with his fellow pirates on a hip hop version of ‘Never Smile At A Crocodile’- I’ve got to hand it to producer Andrea Thacker for coming up with that arrangement!

If space allowed it I’d love to heap praise and all of the young cast as they all exhuded so much enthusiasm and the real highlight for me was when their talents were united for a rousing rendition of Fun’s ‘We Are Young’.

Another stand out moment saw the old high school hall transformed into fairyland with some effective lighting and fantastic costumes and choreography from the dancers who wore them.

Other standouts were Ailsa Landels as Wendy with ‘Without You’ her finest hour; Campbell McNeil who as resident dame Laughing Water made sure there was a peppering of local references; Smee and Starkey aka Michael Doogan and Mak Wilson and all of the Lost Boys, who looked anything but lost on the stage.

The Group always pull in the crowds with their performances and on this evidence it’s easy to see why.

CAST: Peter Pan- Brooke Heary, Captain Hook- Craig Rosie, Laughing Water- Campbell McNeil, Wendy- Ailsa Landels, John- Archie Bogle, Michael- Max McNeil, Tigerlily- Karen Short, Tinkerbell- Hannah Combe, Checko- Katie Dyson, Starkey- Mak Wilson, Skylights- Daisy Young, Smee- Michael Doogan, Nibs- Sophie Johnston, Tootles- Cara Heary, Slightly- Alice Ellwood, Trump- Jack Ritchie, Samsung- Elle Drummond, Dexter- Sophie Richie, Flick- Amy Martin, Tricky- Georgia Dunn, Puck- Roma Peakman, Curly- Sadie Worrall, Mra Darling- Kirsty Doogan, Nana- Allison Flockhart, Tick Tock- Rory Fairbairn.