Review: Lucy Porter at the Maltings

Lucy Porter admires the Berwick Advertiser on stage at the Maltings
Lucy Porter admires the Berwick Advertiser on stage at the Maltings
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Lucy Porter has what some other comedians lack: the likeability factor. There were no airs and graces about her show and it was all the better for it.

As far as debuts go, Lucy couldn’t have made a better first impression on Berwick.

This wasn’t a woman determined to impress with long words and high brow social commentary. She was there to give us all a good laugh and that was one box she most definitely ticked.

From her description of her marriage to 6ft 5in husband Justin as a “Krankie’s tribute act” to her observation that the ladies of the John Lewis toy department look like “Cath Kidson has thrown up all over Helen Mirren” via a playful endorsement of our very own ‘Berwick Advertiser’, you couldn’t fail but fall for Lucy’s comedic charms.

After an eclectic first half which included gags on the search for an out-of-stock pram wheel and childbirth – Lucy likened her ladyparts to the Queen Vic – the second half was dedicated to ‘People Person’, the show Lucy performed to great acclaim at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

The first 45 minutes of Lucy’s one night stand in Berwick whizzed by. But her eagerness to poke fun at herself and to invite the audience into her inner sanctum definitely left the us wanting more.

The mum of two introduced her comeback creation as a tale about how she met her new best friend Sophie. But what followed was in fact a saga containing a twist that ‘Broadchurch’ would be happy to call its own.

Lucy confessed that since having her children and becoming obsessed with analysing customer reviews on the Argos website and daytime TV hero Dom Littlewood – who she did a mean impression of – she had a vacancy for a new BFF .

A chance meeting with a like-minded mum in a quaint little cafe looked promising but the sting in the tale was one that certainly couldn’t be remedied by a dose of Waspeze.

The Maltings has found a real knack for choosing some cracking comediennes to grace its stage of late and.

This was a thoroughly entertaining evening of comedy that went by all too quickly.

Lucy showed her audience that this year’s Edinburgh Fringe can be her oyster.