Reverend Rob in Vicars & Tarts vintage tractor rally

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If you’re out and about in Norham, Cornhill, Carham or Branxton on Saturday you should spot a few interesting characters.

Seeing tractors going out by the district is not an unusual occurrence but turn those into vintage tractors and make their drivers people dressed as Vicars and Tarts and it suddenly becomes a lot more interesting.

And the reason for their intriguing fashion choices? A Vintage Tractor Rally which will depart from Norham at 10am and end up in Branxton at around 3pm.

Tractor rallies aren’t anything too out of the ordinary in this part of the world, with a rally in March running for five years now but a fancy dress one in September is more of a new concept.

One of the organisers, Rev Rob Kelsey, who counts all four of Saturday’s locations in his parish, explained: “After the March rallies proved popular, attracting around 50 tractors each time, women wanted to have one just for them so that’s how the September one came about.

“However, some of them men in the parish were so keen to take part that they actually dressed up as women to qualify so that’s how the fancy dress element came about.”

As well as helping to organise the rally with local farmer Terry Hume and his wife Sheelagh, Rob is also taking part and is looking for sponsors.

All donations will be split 50/50 between the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Fund and the churches in Norham, Cornhill, Carham and Branxton.

There are prizes for best dressed tart and best dressed vicar and with Rob deciding to dress in his usual garb he surely must be a shoe-in for the vicar prize.

“I probably should be the best dressed vicar there but clothes have never been my strong point and I’m sure there’ll be some creative costumes!”

Rally participants will have donation buckets with them on Saturday and there will also be a raffle.

Keep your eyes peeled!