Publishers think Lisa’s second novel is a Glass act

Swinton author Lisa Hobman's second novel comes out in August.
Swinton author Lisa Hobman's second novel comes out in August.

Her first book may have only hit the shelves in April but Berwickshire author Lisa Hobman is already gearing up for the release of her second.

‘Through the Glass’ is being launched worldwide on August 30 and as a woman who only originally took up writing as “a bit of a hobby” it would be fair to say Lisa is taken aback by the success her pastime has brought her so far.

After being convinced by her family and friends that she had a real flair for romantic fiction Lisa sent off the manuscript for her debut book ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ at end of last year and before long she was holding a copy in her hand and being inundated with messages of praise.

And her publishers, American based 5 Prince, decided they liked its follow up just as much.

Speaking to ‘The Berwickshire’ a few weeks before release date Lisa said she was actually feeling more pressure second time around.

“I feel more nervous because people have got something to compare this book to,” she commented.

“‘I had such good feedback for ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ that it feels more of a big deal now. I just hope people feel the same about this one!”

If the response to her first foray into romance novels is anything to go by Lisa should have nothing to worry about.

‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ is averaging five stars on Amazon with comments such as “excellent read” and “brilliant book” common place.

“I actually got quite emotional reading the reviews on Amazon when they first started coming in,” Lisa reflected.

“It’s absolutely bonkers but in a totally amazing way.

“From people both in the UK and overseas to say the story has touched them so much is very surreal.”

‘Through The Glass’ like its predecessor, is set in the Highlands but rather than the action centering on a female character it’s the trials and tribulations of a man called Jim that the plot is focussed on.

He moves north from London after his marriage breaks down and just as he’s getting settled into his new life he receives some startling news from an unwelcome guest.

‘Through The Glass’ comes out on August 30 and will be available online from Amazon and iTunes and in paperback.