Photographer who has captured the wonders of nature

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When he was in Berwick the last time Doug Allan took his audience behind the lens. This time, the noted wildlife photographer will be ‘In The Company of Giants’.

Even if you think you haven’t seen Doug’s work before you most probably have as he is responsible for some awe inspiring footage on the likes of ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Blue Planet’ and ‘Frozen Planet’.

In Doug’s latest show he will take audiences behind the scenes to try and get across how even though some sequences last a matter of seconds, months of effort goes into them.

“I’ve often asked my audiences how long they think a certain shot took to film. The typical answer is a few hours but the truth is that with all the ground work, some shots involve 450 shooting days, meaning that for a full series I could spend as many as 4,500 days preparing and filming.

“For instance one of my famous sequences of a killer whale washing seals off the ice involved so much science just for a few seconds of filming. Sometimes your best efforts don’t meet with any success at all.”

‘In The Company of Giants’ will see Doug share his experiences of filming in the Canadian Arctic and the story behind footage of young polar bear cubs coming out of their den for the first time.

“I have to say that is probably my most satisfying shoot to date. It was my most difficult but also the most fulfilling.”

Since appearing in Berwick at the end of 2012, Doug has been a busy man, spending plenty of time in sub-zero temperatures and getting a piece of Hollywood action.

“I was asked to work on a feature film set in the Arctic. They wanted real footage to cut in with the film scenes so I shot some footage of polar bear cubs playing with their mum.

“In the last few years I’ve also been back in the Antarctic filming for a new Natural World programme. I did some filming at a post office of all things.

“The building was the first British base in the Antarctic and was more recently renovated into a museum.

“The post office had its own Government office stamps and is in an area surrounded by penguins so is known as the penguin post office.

“One of the most interesting things I’ve done since my last tour is be a wildlife guide for a group of wealthy people who chartered their own boat to go to the Antarctic.

“It was like helping to make the ultimate home movie of a holiday but very surreal getting to make the journey on a 60 metre luxury yacht instead of the usual 10-15 metre boat I’d use!”

Doug Allan is at The Maltings on Tuesday, April 22 with tickets still available.