Patrick’s top-class show deserved a bigger crowd

Patrick Monahan
Patrick Monahan


Patrick Monahan

The Maltings

I MUST begin by saying I was somewhat shocked and a little downhearted that there wasn’t a larger crowd assembled last Thursday for the Berwick debut of ‘Show Me The Funny’ winner Patrick Monahan.

His victorious exploits on the ITV show should have been enough to secure him a big audience, not forgetting his Rihanna routine on ‘Let’s Dance for Sports Relief’.

But instead of letting the empty seats at The Maltings get him down, Patrick made sure that both he and the punters had a really good night. It’s always good to get a comedian who is keen to ingratiate himself with his audience, and admitting he didn’t know that much about Berwick and the Borders, Patrick got an education – hearing place names like Selkirk, Tweedmouth and Coldstream (which he renamed Coldwater) for the first time.

Those sitting in the front rows soon found themselves at the centre of the action, with 19-year-old Jack and his friend, who Patrick labelled as “the carer”, given tips on chatting up girls while George, referred to as “old school”, and his wife Yvonne were quizzed on why their relationship had stood the test of time.

Having the spotlight put on them in such a way would leave some people wishing the ground would swallow them up but Patrick’s warm and genuine mode of probing put them at ease and made sure the rest of the audience were fully entertained.

The title of Patrick’s current tour is ‘Hug Me I Feel Good’ and in the second half it became apparent exactly why – the man himself was quite the connoisseur when it came to snuggling skills. Cue an absolutely priceless moment when the aforementioned George was given some tips on spooning and had to demonstrate what he’d learned using Patrick as his little spoon.

Gags about everything from correct iPod etiquette and ‘Titanic’ to even ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ ensured there was a joke that everyone could relate to, and after all received a hug from Patrick on the way out I doubt anyone would have gone home disappointed.

This is a man whose star can surely only continue to rise.