Oscar nomination for ‘Chasing Ice’

'Chasing Ice' opened last year's Berwick Film Festival to great acclaim
'Chasing Ice' opened last year's Berwick Film Festival to great acclaim

IT would appear that Berwick Film Festival has the golden touch as days after Tina Gharavi, the director of 2011 gala premiere film ‘I Am Nasrine’ was nominated for a BAFTA, the film which opened last year’s event has been nominated for an Oscar.

Although there was some disappointment that ‘Chasing Ice’ by Jeff Orlowski, which used time-lapse photography to provide a stark reminder of the extent and impact of climate change on the fragile environment, wasn’t nominated in the Best Documentary Feature category, ‘Before My Time’, the song which plays as the film’s credits roll is up for the Best Original Song.

The track performed by musician by Joshua Bell and actress/singer Scarlett Johansson and composed by J.Ralph is up against a host of other songs including ‘Skyfall’ by Adele.

Reacting to the honour, Mr Ralph commented: “I am in complete awe and humbled by this honour.

“It is especially meaningful to me as the song is from a documentary film with such a critically important message. Everyone involved with Chasing Ice the filmmakers, Scarlett, Josh, myself all donated our time and energies to the project.

“I hope that the nomination will bring more attention to the film, climate change and to the documentary community where I believe some of the most innovative work in cinema is being done.

“I grew up watching the Oscars with my family and was always inspired by all the films and the scores. It is why I got into music. To see my name this morning being called for Best Original Song is completely surreal.”