Orchestra is Frontier Festival’s cup of tea

After emerging as one of the big hits of last year’s event, organisers of the Frontier Festival made sure a certain band were at the top of the bill for 2013.

Rob Heron & the Tea Pad Orchestra might not have been familiar to Berwick music fans this time last year but after a barnstorming set at the Gymnasium Gallery they were definitely one of the bands on everyone’s lips.

So it was with little hesitation that Travelled Music re-booked them for this year and have them lined up to hit the stage on what should be a cracking second night at The Maltings tomorrow.

Rob and the Tea Pad Orchestra made quite a splash in the UK music pool with their debut ‘Money Isn’t Everything’ and have been dubbed ‘Britain’s hardest working band’ by a number of their growing legion of admirers.

The band will hit the stage alongside Anderson, McGinty, Webster Ward & Fisher and Ian S.Thompson after Le Woodsmen, The Warehouse Announcment and Easter Street kick things off tonight at the Ravensholme Hotel.

Speaking to WOW, frontman Rob was actually unaware of how much of an impression he and his band made on Berwick last year but said he was looking forward to being in the Frontier fold again.

“It was a really fun gig last year and the crowd seemed really up for it, so we’re hoping for more of the same,” he commemnted.

“The Maltings seems to be the venue everyone wants to play in Berwick so we’re excited to be making the step up.

“We do a few theatre gigs and I really like the added atmosphere of the sound and lights you get in that type of venue; it makes it feel like more of a performance.

“We still play a lot of pub and club gigs and I think the best kind of shows are a balance between ones where people just want to get drunk and dance and ones where people are keen to just listen.

“I’m hoping people will want to have a dance tomorrow night but I don’t mind if they don’t!”

One of the driving forces behind Frontier Fest, Travelled Music’s Hamish Bell commented: “We’re so excited to be presenting these bands in Berwick - the line-up this year is of a truly fantastic quality, and eclectic – there’s something for everyone! Why travel to T in The Park, Cambridge or Glastonbury when we have a music festival right here featuring bands who play at those very places! The support from the public has been incredible so far and I’d just like to thank everyone for getting behind this project and helping build this music festival in Berwick.”

Travelled Music colleague Alan Thomson said he was particularly excited for Saturday night’s lineup- including the acclaimed Lanterns on the Lake- with a real mixed bag of talent on the bill for music lovers’ delactation “We had to pull out all the stops to get Lanterns on the Lake as they are really moving up in the music world, signed as they are to Bella Union alongside The Flaming Lips and Fleet Foxes.

“Their emotive, swirling, indie sounds are proving irresistible to gig-goers all over the world and we’re so pleased to have them here in Berwick. As Hamish said, the people of Berwick are so keen to come along and support this festival venture and experience world class music on their doorstep – it really means a lot to us!”