Mystery solved on a Black night at Gunsgreen House

Murder Mystery at Gunsgreen House
Murder Mystery at Gunsgreen House
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Murder Mystery Evening Gunsgreen House

The body of a young girl was found in the cellars of Gunsgreen House, Eyemouth at around 7.30pm last Saturday. An investigation was launched, and detectives have charged local fisherman Billy Black with her murder.

Of course, Billy Black is a fictional character, depicted with much comic injection by Ian Waddell at Gunsgreen House’s ‘Murder Mystery Evening’.

The sell-out success was written especially for the setting of the atmospheric house by Naomi Kenny, who also directed the play. Guests moved with the characters from room to room, watching the plot unfold, before gathering in the drawing room for a fantastic discussion with plenty laughter and audience involvement.

A fabulous 1940s spread was put on while verdicts were met, and it seemed Waddell’s character was a fantastic liar as not one person correctly accused him.

The rest of the cast consisted of: Colonel Goldmann, a shady businessman (Simon Furness); Lady Violet Drinkwater – whose name is no guide to her character (Sakina Jones); the Reverend Greengrass, a dodgy vicar (Alan Knowles); Miss Ruby Redheart (Sarah-Jayne Goodfellow), a visitor from Newcastle whose private ‘performance’ career caused much speculation; newly installed Mrs Snow the housekeeper, whose references leave much to be desired (Val Knowles); and Miss Marvel, a guest in the house who does her best to work out what is going on (Naomi Kenny).

‘Clueless’ had the audience alternately swept by gusts of fear and laughter as the motley crew of suspects acted out a lurid tale of murder and deception.

This new venture by Gunsgreen House looks to be a winner, as the audience participated with enthusiasm, meaning it is more than likely that similar events will be staged.