Talk: Lifting the lid on North Korea

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North Korea is the subject of a Royal Scottish Geographical Society-hosted talk by Jeremy Hunter on Tuesday, March 29, in Heriot Watt University’s Borders Campus, Galashiels.

He will be recounting his experiences of life inside that secretive nation and particularly the Arirang Games, a spectacle involving 150,000 North Koreans which celebrates the communist country’s own particular brand of history.

Jeremy Hunter

Jeremy Hunter

For anybody who has ever wondered about the goings on in one of the most reclusive areas of the world, this is a must see talk.

One example of daily life in Pyongyang is living with a radio which cannot be turned off and portraits of former leader Kim II-Sung that are required to be dusted daily under pain of punishment.

One cannot fail but to draw comparisons with George Orwell’s 1984.

The talk is open to all and free for Royal Scottish Geographical Society members and students – £8 for non-members.