Berwick band make up for lost time

Lost Noise (Stephen Coulthard & Graham Shirreff)
Lost Noise (Stephen Coulthard & Graham Shirreff)

The 90s is a decade that’s very much back in vogue at the moment and there’s a local group from that era who are happy to turn the clock back.

Stephen Coulthard and Graham Shirreff make up Lost Noise, though music fans from Berwick and the Borders may know them better as The Seerkind.

Back in the early 1990s, Stephen, Graham and Stephen’s late brother Peter were playing to packed houses in the likes of The Maltings and the Ravensdowne in Berwick and in venues across the borders in Coldstream, Kelso and Galashiels.

The Seerkind prided themselves on playing all their own material but after attracting plenty of interest in the space of three years of time, various line up changes led to the band splitting.

Keen lovers of music, Steve and Graham didn’t leave the music scene completely and reunited for a time, playing in a successful covers band with plenty of bookings on either side of the border.

But after growing tired of going through the motions playing other people’s songs, Steve and Graham, who’s work had since taken him down to Newcastle decided to have another crack at performing their own compositions and the passion and dedication are obviously still there as the duo have just released ‘Lived a Life Today’ onto iTunes.

They might now be going by the name of Lost Noise but the single is actually a song written back in The Seerkind days.

Steve said although he and Graham plan to write and record some new material he felt that many of the old Seerkind tracks, including the single, could easily be applied to people growing up today.

“Lived A Life Today’ is basically about being a young man in the late 1980s trying to find his way through life, with many people telling him which direction he should take.

“All of our old songs are all about every day life so it’d be very easy for young people now to relate to it.

“They may have a lot more technology these days but they still go through the same struggles.

Turn the clock back to the 1990s and you would have been met by a host of blank expressions had you mentioned iTunes to anyone, which Graham said made it seem all the more surreal that a song with its roots firmly in the era of walkmans, was being released digitally.

“I jokingly said to Steve that we should put our song on iTunes secretly wanting to do it and in the end we went for it.

“To the younger generation getting a song on iTunes or Amazon is no big deal but to my generation who grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s putting a single out is stuff that dreams were made of where you needed a record deal and living in Berwick made it all the harder.

“Now though it can be done as long as you are prepared to do the hard work and believe in what you are producing.”

Just like they did in their Seerkind days, Stephen and Graham like nothing better there compositions in front of a live audience and Stephen said there were plans afoot for some promotional gigs in the summer.

“We are very much a live act so we’d love to build up a bit of a following again.

“We know that our age we’re not destined for super stardom but we’ve still got a story to tell. ”

*A lyric video ‘Lived A Life Today’ can now be viewed on youtube.