Models ready to strike a pose on the Runway

Runway Edit Two
Runway Edit Two
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After months of pulling looks and ensuring her models are runway ready, Charlotte Summers is ready to focus the fashion spotlight on Berwick once again.

The now London based stylist and photographer has spent her year snapping and styling celebrities such as Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue and model Leah Wood but now her attention is firmly on local fashion talent as her brainchild ‘Runway Edit’ makes an anticipated return next Saturday, October 26.

Runway Edit’s first installment went down a storm at The Maltings in 2011 but is moving venues for its sequel, making the short journey across town to the Gymnasium Gallery.

But despite the roaring success of its predecessor, Charlotte confessed that things had actually been trickier second time round, with sourcing clothes one of the biggest stumbling blocks.

“Runway Edit had fashion students making the collections for the trends so I knew I would have clothing for everyone,” Charlotte explained.

“Whereas this time I’ve had to search hundreds of shops and websites to find the perfect clothing, shoes and jewellery for my trends and then had the task of emailing companies who sometimes just don’t reply!”

One thing that Charlotte is absolutely over the moon is her new venue which shes hopes to transform into a space that wouldn’t look out of place at an event like London Fashion Week.

“The Gymnasium gallery is the perfect venue for a fashion show as unlike The Maltings it’s a blank canvas, giving me more of a runway for the models to walk down and a typical fashion week seating plan.

“I also wanted to go somewhere different this time to try and make people more aware of the facilities Berwick has for events like this.”

Although the town has given Charlotte a fantastic building to stage her latest fashion celebration she did admit she was frustrated at the lack of local designers and stores that expressed an interest in getting involved.

“I only have two local designers on board this year and just three local shops, it’s been extremely disappointing.

“People are always complaining about the lack of clothing shops in Berwick but yet when I offer to promote their stock in the fashion show I’ve had little or no response.

“I’m trying to bring fashion to the town, this time introducing them to brands they can potentially stock within their shops and both times I’ve done it with no help from anyone

“A group of people who Charlotte had nothing but praise for was her models who she signed up at an open casting at The Maltings in August.

“All of my 18 beautiful girls have been amazing and haven’t needed much training at all.

“I just want them to have fun and really embrace the experience, who knows whether some of them will take it further but I’d definitely say every single one of them could.

“I’m always being asked by photographers in London where my models are from so that’s a great thing! “

Tickets for Runway Edit are now on sale, with VIP ticket holders also receiving the night’s must have accessory- an exclusive goody bag.

It’s going to be a great night filled with the newest online fashion brands showcasing my pick of four A/W trends.

“It’s hard organizing an event when you live hundreds of miles away.

“I’m such a perfectionist with my work.”