Miguel the maestro Miguel already a hit

Brazilian guitarist Miguel Mega
Brazilian guitarist Miguel Mega

If you listen carefully you’ll hear a new sound reverberating around Berwick’s Kazmiranda Cafe and it’s one that is attracting its fair share of attention.

Born in Portugal, Miguel moved to Brazil with his family at the age of eight and it was watching a concert by one of music’s great acts that inspired him to get into music.

“I remember watching Queen and I got very emotional,” he told ‘WOW’.

“I was crying and everything; I just couldn’t get over how amazing they were.

“British music has always been one of my major influences. Jeff Beck is my guitar god and I absolutely love Def Leppard.

“It’s great to be over here now; after spending over 30 years in Brazil I was starting to feel a bit trapped.”

Miguel has recorded eight albums and toured the world visiting the likes of America, Italy and his native Portugal. Now living in Coldstream, Miguel is keen to get some performances at local events under his belt and has made a good start, starring at open mic and jam sessions at Kazmiranda and at last weekend’s Spittal Seaside Festival.

But as well as honing his own craft, Miguel has also been passing on his musical expertise to other guitarists and has mightily impressed owner of Kazmiranda and PFL Audio, Brian Martin.

“He’s a fantastic musician and we’re so lucky to have someone of his calibre playing here,” Brian enthused.

“Word is spreading quickly about him and more and more people are wanting to come along to his lessons. He’s just phenomenal.”

As well as teaching some up and coming guitarists over here, Miguel also wants to get cracking on some new material to further his aim of becoming an artist that is instantly recogniseable.

“I’m always writing songs; the way I see it my music will be a legacy for my son.

“Great songs are the trademark of a great musician and I admire the ability of those artists who can tell a story with their music.

“I love artists like BB King- all he needs to do is play a few notes and people know it’s him.

“That’s what I’ve been trying to do for a while now and without being big headed I’d like to think I’ve got a distinctive sound.”

Miguel describes his music as “fusion”- with elements of rock blues, jazz, blues, world music and flamenco.

“Now I love going to new places and hearing new sounds but I wasn’t always so open to new ideas.

“I lived in Los Angeles from 1995 to 1997 and that was when I really started getting influenced by all kinds of music.

“I arrived there a real metal head but I started to come round to other genres.”

Miguel’s metal background served him well. He got a band together in the early 90s and after releasing only one LP they opened for big name acts like Sepultura at festivals in Brazil.

“That was a great time,” he continued.

“We were just young guys starting out so that was a really big deal for us.

“I still love my classic rock and I’ve got an album ready which is influenced by the likes of Deep Purple, Van Halen and Whitesnake.”

Miguel has only had a few opportunities to take in some local talent but one singer has already impressed him.

“Kenny Hanley from Coldstream is a great singer; I’m looking forward to seeing more of him,” he added.