Lisa amazed by second deal

Swinton author, Lisa J Hobman
Swinton author, Lisa J Hobman

Before her first book had even hit the shelves, a Berwickshire author put pen to paper on a publishing deal for her second.

Today is a big day for Lisa Hobman as her debut novel ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ is officially released online and in stores and as if this week wasn’t exciting enough she has just received the news that American company 5 Prince want to publish her second novel, just weeks after she sent them the manuscript.

“It’s a bit surreal to be honest,” she excitedly told ‘The Berwickshire’.

“When I e-mailed the manuscript to my editor over in America I knew she was really busy with other work so never expected to hear back so quickly.

“But she said that after she began reading it she became so engrossed in it that she just had to keep reading and other work got sidetracked.

“To get one publishing contract in my first year of writing was fantastic but two is quite mind blowing! I did a huge happy dance when I heard the news!”

Lisa moved to the area last year and to begin with saw writing a blog as the ideal outlet for her creative juices but after toying with the idea of putting pen to paper on a novel things snowballed at a rapid rate.

“Writing is pretty much a full time thing for me now,” she explained.

“If I’m not at the laptop I’ve got a pad and pen in my hand scribbling down my ideas. They’re coming thick and fast so I have to get them down.

“The manuscript for ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ was quite naive in as much as I was completely inexperienced but I’m confident that the second one will need a lot less doing to it.

“I’ve now onto my third book since moving to Berwickshire and they’re all stand alone novels.

“The second one, which I’m not allowed to release the name of yet- is still very much a passionate love story but there’s a bit of crime and suspense in it as well.

“The crime element just kind of evolved. I never had the intention of going down that route but I hit a bit of a brick wall and decided the story needed something to give it a bit of oomph.

“Whereas ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ just concentrated on relationships, the second novel has an extra edge.”

Lisa has almost completed book three but for the moment she is keenly awaiting the arrival a box of copies of ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’.

“I wouldn’t say i was frustrated that I haven’t been able to hold a copy yet, more on the edge of my seat!

“From talking to a lot of people it seems more and more readers prefer to download their books now but for me there’s still something quite special about having a physical copy.

“I was also really keen to have it stocked in a shop as I think as a writer I’d get a real sense of accomplishment seeing it there on a shelf.”

As she celebrates her second contract offer from 5 Prince, people will be able to download or order a copy of ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’ online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or buy a copy from Masons of Melrose.