It’s A*s all round for talented Teechers trio

The cast of "Teachers" appearing at The Maltings.
The cast of "Teachers" appearing at The Maltings.
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A full house speaks volumes for any play and in the case of Blackeyed Theatre’s ‘Teechers’ it was most definitely richly deserved.

I’ll admit I’d heard fantastic things about the earlier matinee so I took my seat in the Henry Travers Studio expecting to be thoroughly entertained and a programme promising musical treats such as Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ and One Direction’s ‘Live While We’re Young’ had this pop music lover positively foaming at the mouth.

And while yes the music was a fantastic addition it was completely overshadowed by the three actors on stage- Jacob Addley, Nicole Black and Donna Preston.

This trio had everything you could wish for in a cast- they were confident, engaging and most of all they were bloody good!

They didn’t just take on the parts of main protagonists - Salty, Gail and Hobby, they took on all manner of roles during the 90 minute show that went by all too quickly..

One minute Jake was the cocky loveable Salty, the next he was the frustrated yet optimistic Mr Nixon, a teacher who was tempted by the garden parties and posh coffee of working at a public school rather than downtrodden Whitewall High.

Nicole and Donna were similarly adept at changing from alias to alias. Aside from the loveable Gail and Hobby, they made characters like the flirty and flexible PE teacher Jackie Prime and the theatrical Mrs Codelia Parry a real hoot.

What was particularly impressive was the way all three actors took on the same role at different parts of the show, each putting their own twist on the character- the Ali G-like school scally Olly Moxton was a particular favourite.

There was absolutely nothing I could fault with ‘Teechers’- it had real heart and a tight grip on reality; it challenged preconceptions whilst remaining a massive ball of fun; the soundtrack which went from Chico to Emeli Sande via Aerosmith in the straightening of a school tie, was the perfect musical backdrop and whether they were fans of ‘Gangnam Style’ or not Jacob, Nicole and Donna definitely did PSY proud!

But dance crazes aside if there was one word I’d use to sum up ‘Teechers’ it would be energy.

There was enough in this show to sell by the paper bag load at a school tuck shop.

No ‘could do better’ on this cast’s report card.