It’s a man’s world for Lisa with release of fourth book

Swinton author Lisa Hobman with the waiting for the arrival of her first book from the publishers 'Bridge Over the Atlantic'
Swinton author Lisa Hobman with the waiting for the arrival of her first book from the publishers 'Bridge Over the Atlantic'
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Four books, a place in the iTunes bestsellers chart and a nomination for a top romance novel award- Lisa Hobman has had a busy time of things since moving to Berwickshire.

Originally from Yorkshire, Lisa moved up to Scotland a few years ago and saw the move as a great opportunity to light the touch paper on her passion for creative writing.

Typing her first words on her laptop little did she know that in less than two years time she’d have published books, thousands of social media followers and a nomination for a Romantic Novelist Award to her name.

And it’s her dedicated followers on twitter, facebook and her blog that set the ball rolling on her latest novel ‘Bridge of Hope’ which was released last week.

Lisa calls the book “a companion novel” rather than a followup to her debut release ‘Bridge of Atlantic’.

It tells the story from a male point of view, marking a first for Lisa, who was thrilled but very surprised that readers would care so much about one of her characters.

“I couldn’t believe it that readers were so into the story and characters that they demanded another book.

“I never expected to get such a response; it is very, very surreal and also very humbling.

“I am feeling a bit of pressure as so many people are really anticipating it.

Writing from the point of view of lead make character Greg, Lisa had to effectively become a man which she found both fun but also quite testing.

“My husband Rich was my touchstone throughout the writing process.

“He’d read things and go ‘he wouldn’t say that, that’s far too flowery or ‘he’s described what kind of skirt she was wearing there; he wouldn’t know that’.

“It was quite liberating for me as a writer as although obviously Greg has feelings and emotions he also puts his foot in his mouth as soon as he opens it so I could have a lot of fun with him.

“I guess I lived vicariously through him for a while!”

‘Bridge of Hope’ only hit shelves and online book stores a week ago but Lisa already has three more books ready to go including one which sees her writing in the first person from the point of view of both a male and female character.

“It is a lot harder to write in the first person,” she explained.

“So now to be coming at a story from a dual point of view is quite tough.

“Becoming these characters in your mind can become tiring.”

When Lisa started on her first novel she expected writing to just be a hobby but now she’s coming to terms with the fact it’s more than that.

“I do consider myself as an author now; it’s what I choose to do and other than looking after my family, it’s the only job I have.

“It took a while to sink in but I think it finally has, although I do have to pinch myself all the time at everything that’s happened in such a short space of time.”

‘Bridge of Hope’ is available online in print and as an ebook from

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