Impressive line-up at Granary Gallery

Cartoon Exhibition Berwick Landscape
Cartoon Exhibition Berwick Landscape
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There’s still time to visit the Granary Gallery’s current exhibition ‘Artists in Berwick - Inspiration and Celebration’, an exhibition of fine art from the 18th century to the present day with special relevance to Berwick, celebrating the way artists have been inspired by the town.

For this exhibition the Granary Gallery has borrowed works from national institutions including the National Galleries of Scotland, Sunderland Winter Gardens and Berwick Museum and Art Gallery as well as from many private lenders and artists.

The impressive line-up of over 30 artists includes renowned figures like Lowry, Turner, and Varley; 19th-century painters with established national and regional reputations including David Farquharson, Frank Wood, and James Wallace; through to more contemporary local artists such as Brita Granström, Simon Harwood, Jim Edwards and previous Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship award holders, Emrys Williams, Neil Morley and Andro Semeiko. By creating this rich mix, the Granary Gallery aims to demonstrate the inspiration drawn from Berwick and the surrounding area, and the ways in which artists have celebrated what they have seen and experienced – and to highlight the fact that the inspiration and the celebration are as strong today as they were two hundred years ago.

The exhibition’s title echoes that of the Berwick Preservation Trust’s book, published, 2009, exploring the links between the town and notable artists through the ages. Many of the works featured in it are on view in this exhibition, and the Granary Gallery’s policy is to continue to pursue the loan of further such works, in order to illustrate and underline the strength of Berwick’s case for inclusion in any list of significant art locations.

‘Artists in Berwick, Inspiration and Celebration’ is open from 10am-4pm. daily, closed Tuesday.