Honesty the best policy for Daniel

Daniel Sloss, Bloomsbury Theatre, 26-10-12 � Jill F
Daniel Sloss, Bloomsbury Theatre, 26-10-12 � Jill F

Daniel Sloss, a comic who makes no bones about how straight talking and honest he is, is making his return to Berwick tomorrow night.

“If people are easily offended they should probably stay away,” he joked.

“Or at least have a look at some clips on Youtube before hand; I wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money!”

Daniel isn’t quite cut from the same cloth as say a Roy Chuby Brown or Frankie Boyle but his dry and witty sense of humour and his penchant for not holding back has certainly made audiences sit up and listen.

He’s still only 23 but is already on his sixth tour and told ‘WOW’ that will every new show he’d noticed a marked improvement in his material.

“It’s weird because when you write a show you think it’s fantastic at the time but then as soon as its put to bed and you finish another one you immediately hate it.

“I already hate last year’s show and this time next year I’ll probably be saying the same about this one.

“Confidence has never really been that much of a problem for me so I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in me in that regard but I’ve definitely become a better comedian.

“There is no substitute to just getting out and playing to audiences.”

Daniel played to his fair share of punters at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, an event which he said has helped him hone his skills no end.

“Being at an event like the Fringe inspires me to get better,” he continued.

“I was playing a 300-400 seater venue this year and thankfully it sold out nearly every day.

“There is that worry that people won’t come and see you so getting the crowds I did I wanted to put on a good show out of sheer gratefulness more than anything else.”

It’s not just crowds on UK shores that Daniel is impressing; he’s performed a host of gigs in Scandinavia this year and has America pencilled in his diary for next year.

“I’m not a political or topical comedian so there isn’t a danger of material alienating overseas audiences.

“I perform straight stand up and what people can expect from the new tour is a fun show which I’m genuinely proud of. I’m totally honest on stage and if people don’t like it well that’s me.”

○Daniel is at The Maltings
 tomorrow at 8pm.