Heartfelt song to benefit vital service

Frank Meadley and Michael Ross are releasing a CD to raise money for Berwick and District Cancer Support Group
Frank Meadley and Michael Ross are releasing a CD to raise money for Berwick and District Cancer Support Group
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In an era when unfortunately there aren’t that many peopled untouched by cancer in some way, a Berwick man has put pen to paper about his own situation.

Mike Ross has been by his wife’s side as she battles the disease and the couple couldn’t have got through the past few years without a massive helping hand from Berwick Cancer Support Group.

Well now Mike has decided to give something back to the local organisation that has helped thousands of people since starting up.

After crafting the emotionally charged lyrics to ‘Without You’, Mike set about finding someone to sing the song and was put in touch with folk musician Frank Meadley by Ronnie Hek.

Frank works on the oilrigs but the pair didn’t let geography get in the way of their musical mission.

“He was 250 miles out at sea but through the magic of technology I heard him singing the lyrics I’d written by that point with the tune he’s set them too.

“After hearing that the rest just fell into place.

“Frank came home for a spell and we got into PFL Studios to record the track.

“Before hand we’d thought about adding some elements in but it all ended up being done in one take. We listened back to it in the control booth and it was perfect.”

With a pile of CDs now delivered, art work away to the printers and a download link up on the web, Mike and Frank are setting their sights high, three words...Christmas number one.

“I’ve always believed that if you aim for the stars you might reach the moon so why not?

“It would make a refreshing change to someone off the X Factor singing a pop song that means nothing to them.”

“It’s not a feel good Christmas song but there’s no escaping that link that millions of people have to ‘the big C’.

“But I’m sure there are many who will be able to find happiness in the song as they will still have that someone in their lives.”

‘Without You’, which Mike and Frank described as “a hard hitting folk ballad” received its first play on Lionheart Radio recently and Mike is hoping there’ll be interest in the track not only from the Berwick area but from further afield as well.

You can download it from http://cdbaby.com/cd/frankmeadley.