Hardeep cooks up a thoroughly enjoyable evening for Maltings audience

Aytons Dr David Cooksey helps out on stage at the Maltings during Hardeep Singh Kohli's Indian Takeaway show
Aytons Dr David Cooksey helps out on stage at the Maltings during Hardeep Singh Kohli's Indian Takeaway show
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WITH Britain’s relationship with Indian cuisine enjoying an everlasting honeymoon period, I was expecting a full house at The Maltings last Thursday for Hardeep Singh Kohli’s Indian Takeaway.

Unfortunately the auditorium was only about half full but the comedian, making his fourth visit to the town, certainly showed no obvious signs of disappointment.

Hardeep is a man who as well as possessing the ability to crack a mean gag also is very intelligent and well versed in the things he’s passionate about.

This meant that as well as enjoying some banter with various audience members- with Eyemouth doctor David and his accountant girlfriend Laura and brewery owner Shona, who travelled from Corbridge for the show, singled out for special attention- Hardeep also educated the audience on the origins of different Indian dishes.

This got everyone’s tastebuds nicely tickled in time, rather appropriately for an Indian takeaway that was delivered to the stage. from Bridge Street’s Magna Tandoori.

Unfortuntely there wasn’t quite enough of it or Hardeep’s own curry, made during the course of the show, to reach us in the back row, although a few scraps of popadom were gratefully received!

It was clear from the way he interacted with those who came along to see him, that Hardeep has great affection for Berwick and while he made a few digs at the audience members who caught his attention, these were good natured and those targeted certainly lapped them up.

The humour and anecdotes of his childhood including a particularly interesting tale of a family holiday which was centered around delivering a car windscreen from his home town in Glasgow to his aunt in India.

The plot took a while to unravel but at no point did I get the feeling any of the audience were bored. Hardeep’s recollections were peppered with engaging anecdotes which held everyone’s interest.

Before us was a man who is obviously very proud of his Indian-Scottish heritage but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid to poke fun at himself or his background.

This was like being round at a friend’s house having a chat while watching them cook. Hardeep is now well experienced with life on the road but rather than deliver a script verbatim to his Berwick fans he allowed it to go off on tangents unique to the town.

I might not have got to taste his curry but if the ingredients were anything as good as his repertoire I’m sure it will have been very satisfying.