Halloween fright night at the Maltings

Meller has been begged by psychologists to downplay his gothic re-tellings
Meller has been begged by psychologists to downplay his gothic re-tellings
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Those who love a good fright and are not of the faint heart should pay a visit to The Maltings on Halloween.

Master storyteller and raconteur Andrew Meller (An Audience with Sherlock Holmes; Talbot House and An Evening with the humour of Bob Newhart & Tom Lehrer) will be at the venue’s Henry Travers Studio to give vivid re-tellings of ‘Tales from the Shadows: The Gothic Horror Stories of Edgar Allan Poe’.

Poe, the undisputed master of gothic horror, has for successive generations thrilled, excited and terrified with his dark tales. The American’s macabre imagination explored the darkest, deepest recesses of the human mind and the furthest reaches of the paranormal.

Claustrophobic nightmares of murder, madness and torture were his signature and thanks to Meller, Poe’s greatest characters and most menacing scenes are brought, disturbingly to life.

Such is the skill of this wordsmith that audience members have claimed that his words haunt their dreams for nights after and have been leaving theatres gripped in fear and paranoia.

Concern is rife in the medical profession that Meller has some unholy gift that will put untold pressure on an already overstretched mental health service and they have acted as one to try to curb his graphic retellings.

Please note this is not suitable for anyone under the age of 14.

The show begins on Friday at 7:30pm. Tickets cost £14, £12.50 concessions and £7 for children. Contact the Maltings box office on 01289 330999.