Fashionistas lined up for Charlotte’s catwalk

2011 fashion show
2011 fashion show
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After making a name for herself as a fashion photographer and stylist in London, Charlotte Summers is back on home turf for a fashion show.

Charlotte was the driving force behind 2011’s ‘Runway: Edit’ and after being blown away by the response to her debut foray into all things catwalk, she has lined up a sequel for Saturday, October 26, at a, to be confirmed, Berwick venue.

Charlotte held an open casting at the theatre last week with an invitation for any would-be models to go along and find out more.

“There are a lot of good models up here and lots of people interested in fashion but there just isn’t the platform to do it in Berwick,” she commented.

“A lot of the people who modelled last time are at uni now so I’m looking forward to working with a new generation of models.

“People shouldn’t feel intimidated about getting involved . Once you’ve gone down the catwalk for the first time you’ll want to go back on!

“I want to help people grow their confidence.”

‘Runway Edit’ packed out The Maltings two years ago which came as a big surprise to Charlotte as she was anxious about how it would be received.

“I never ever thought we’d get such a big audience but to me it showed the appetite for that kind of thing in Berwick.

“There hadn’t been anything like it before up here.

“I was totally stressed out by the end of it but at the same time so pleased with how it went.

“Working in London has helped me grow my own confidence and has definitely given me some new ideas for the new Runway show.”

Since moving to the capital last year Charlotte has shot a number of well known faces including ‘Made in Chelsea’s’ Rosie Fortescue and Leah Wood.

Her pictures of the latter came about after Charlotte was enlisted by Now magazine to do a piece on festival style at Glastonbury.

“Since moving to London I’ve had the opportunity to do things I never thought I’d do when I first went down.

“Although I didn’t actually get to see many performances at Glastonbury it was amazing to be backstage and meet loads of celebrities.

“One of people I met was Rita Ora who was so friendly with everyone that wanted to chat with her.

“I think she’s got great personal style and I’d love to shoot her one day.

“Twitter is a really big tool for fashion photography. That’s how the Rosie shots came about. She advertised for a photographer on there and I applied. She’s been great to work with.”

Although Charlotte has thoroughly enjoyed her time in London’s hotbed of fashion she always relished the chance to come back home.

“It was so much of a shock moving down there. The major thing I noticed is that no-one is particularly friendly so I love coming home and seeing some familiar faces.

“I also get to do more of my creative photo shoots up here as there are so many fantastic places.

“There will be a few surprises in the new Runway show and without giving too much away I might get my design head on again.

“I’m sure October 26 will come round so quickly and there’ll be plenty to do but I’m really driven to make it a success; I think I get that from my mum. I’m not afraid of a challenge.

There’s still a chance to be involved with Runway: Edit 2 if you didn’t make the casting.