Welcome return of Martin Stephenson

Martin Stephenson plays guitar
Martin Stephenson plays guitar

The much-travelled, much-loved singer-songwriter and frontman of the Daintees, makes a welcome return solo visit to String Jam Club at The County Hotel in Selkirk on Saturday October 15.

Those who appreciate songs which ooze with charm, wit and intelligent wordplay are in for a real treat. Martin Stephenson is a performer who sings from the heart, and whose unique live shows shine with a spontaneity and joy that you will not easily forget.

His 1986 debut album with The Daintees ‘Boat To Bolivia,’ was received to great acclaim, an album that “builds bridges between love and hate, cradle and grave, folk and pop, past and present” (NME). The band’s latest album ‘California Star,’ distributed by Universal is underpinned by the same philosophy. It’s delightful proof that a

fifty-something artist can go on getting better, but only if they have the open-minded, inquisitive philosophy that Martin applies to music and life. Never is this more transparent than in his solo live performances, which are not just gigs, they are each a unique experience in their own right.

There is rarely a dull moment on stage with Stephenson, but that’s exactly what

you’d hope for from someone who’s never stood still during 35 years in love with music. For him, it’s not a career, it’s a lifetime calling,and he has has now amassed an extraordinary catalogue of 40 albums, building a reputation as “one of the finest and grossly underrated singer songwriters this country has given birth to has stood in the shadows for too long.” Sounds Magazine

Doors open 7.30 pm. Tickets £13, book by phone/collect on the night 01750-721233. 15% discount off hotel restaurant meals for String Jam Club ticket-holders 6-7 pm (advance reservation recommended).