Gripping theatre inspired by real women in World War 1

The cast from 'The 306 Day': a new show by the National Theatre of Scotland about women in World War 1.
The cast from 'The 306 Day': a new show by the National Theatre of Scotland about women in World War 1.

The 306: Day is the second part in Oliver Emmanuel and Gareth Williams’ powerful new First World War trilogy,

It explores how the conflict affected women, families, and communities on the home front,

Performed at the Volunteer Hall, Galashiels, on May 22, this dramatic tale is inspired by real events and first-hand accounts.

The year is 1917, and the war across the channel rages on. In Russia, a revolution is turning the social order on its head while at home in Britain, there are women fighting their own battles. Rents are rising. Food is scarce. And war work can be deadly.

Nellie Murray works at a Glasgow munitions factory, but is also a member of the Women’s Peace Crusade.

Struggling to cope after the execution of her husband for cowardice, Gertrude Farr has a young daughter and doesn’t know where to turn. Mrs Byers waits for news of her son. He ran off to join the army at the beginning of the war and she prays for word of his safe return.

Their stories of struggle, survival and speaking out will be brought to musical life across Scotland, with performances in town halls and civic spaces in towns and cities across the country.

The cast for the 306: Day includes Dani Heron and Steven Miller, who previously worked with the National Theatre of Scotland on last year’s tour of The James Plays, Amanda Wilkin, Fletcher Mathers, Angela Hardie and Wendy Sommerville.

The show features a contemporary score performed live by leading members of the Red Note Ensemble, who also contributed a deft and moving accompaniment to last year’s The 306: Dawn.

The 306: Day is a new piece of theatre about staying silent and speaking out, fighting for peace and giving into violence. It tells the forgotten story of three women in wartime and their struggle to survive in a world that won’t listen.

Show starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £12 available from