Emmerdale star feeling Flush

Matthew Booth in A Royal Flush
Matthew Booth in A Royal Flush
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Expect some toilet humour, quite literally when a one man show starring former ‘Emmerdale’ actor Matthew Booth rolls into town tomorrow night.

‘A Royal Flush’, a joint production between Rich Seam Theatre and Harrogate Theatre, has been winning rave reviews as it makes its way around a host of venues across the UK.

It’s a story of two halves- the first takes its audience back to 1182 when famous Yorkshireman Thomas Crapper secures the commission to provide toilets for Her Majesty Queen Victoria as she celebrates her Golden Jubilee.

And in the second it’s Queen Elizabeth’s turn to mark 60 years reign, with the spotlight put on Joe who is busy preparing some toilets in an old people’s home for a visit by her Majesty.

Matthew, who played postie Paul Marsden in ITV’s long running Yorkshire soap, is playing both men as well as a host of other parts and he told ‘WOW’ that he’s thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

“It’s not actually my first one man show; I was fortunate enough to have John Godber write a piece for me in 2009 which I toured in 2011, but once again I’m having a great time.

“For an actor it’s a great pleasure to be able to do such a thing.

“There’s 15 characters I have to give a voice to and I have to make some into real caricatures for the audience to notice the difference.”

Matthew was resident of ‘Emmerdale’ for two years and although he much prefers life on stage said he was grateful for the opportunities it’s presented him with.

“I was already trained in theatre when I got the job on TV and while I had great fun in the show I’ve never been an actor who just wants to play one role.

“I didn’t want to be pigeon-holed and fortunately when I left ‘Emmerdale’ I found that more people wanted me in their stage shows but I was more of a recogniseable name, so it’s worked out quite well.”

*The show starts at 8pm