Electric Penelope charges up for A New Day


The atmosphere was truly electric as Anna Emmins, aka Electric Penelope, took the stage in Coldstream at the weekend for the first in a series of shows to promote her upcoming album launch on October 12. A packed house saw Anna play a captivating acoustic set, ably assisted by Iain Petrie on guitar and her sister Lizzie singing harmonies, as she showcased songs from her album A New Day.

Anna moved effortlessly through her set which included numbers such as Come and Find Me, Scorpion and The Innocent Ones. She has penned the entire album herself, and these songs are well-written, well-structured and emotive. Anna’s piano playing added just enough flavour to proceedings while Iain’s guitar gave a touch of rhythm and stealth. There was a clear jazz and soul inspiration in the song-writing, which, coupled with the heart-warming poppy sensibilities of the tunes on show, kept the audience engaged and enchanted. When all three on stage sang together you could have heard a pin drop as their voices blended, complimenting each other, and the songs, perfectly.

This stripped-back show is the basis of the performance the audience will see in October when Electric Penelope will take to the stage with a string section, rhythm section and a raft of backing singers with up to 16 people on stage at one point! Anna explained: ‘The show will begin simply, not too differently from the way we played the songs tonight, but as the set progresses we add musicians and develop themes – I hope it will have drama, storytelling and excitement that will take the audience on a journey with us. Rehearsals have been going well – I really just can’t wait!’

Festival sponsor Howard Marshall of Marshall’s Outdoor Superstore concurred, adding this: “Anna has put down a real marker tonight – I think the shows in October will be something special’.

Anna now prepares for the Frontier Music Festival, Oct 9-14.