Coldingham’s theatrical look at time and space

Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory Dickory Dock

Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland’s award-winning children’s theatre company, Wee Stories is coming to Coldingham.

Children from the age of four and up are invited to journey through space and time with Wee Stories’ two plays ‘One Giant Leap’ and ‘Hickory and Dickory Dock’ at Coldingham Public Hall on Friday, October 11, at 4.30pm.

‘One Giant Leap’ tells a history of our understanding of the universe, from the myths of early man to the present day - using a tennis ball, a wastepaper basket, some theatrical magic, and a soundtrack that children will love.

‘Once upon a time’ is how most good stories begin and ‘Hickory and Dickory Dock’ helps children grapple with concepts of time. Timepieces go haywire in a remote village that used to run like clockwork. Come and meet the magical mice and the grumpiest, fattest, ginger cat ever.

Tickets £5,