Coldingham pantomime should be a real Beauty

Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast

A company with a fine reputation for entertaining the young and the young at heart are bringing a much loved fairytale to Coldingham Hall Theatre this week.

M&M Productions have captivated audiences of all ages during their past visits to Berwickshire so it was with little hesitation that hall manager Dave Jones booked them again for this year.

And the cast arrive in the village on Friday with ‘Beauty & the Beast’ aiming to prove that the panto spirit can live on well past the festive season.

“We’ve currently got about 20 on the go all over the UK,” M&M’s John Simmons told ‘WOW’.

“Our base is in Ayr but we cover places from Penzance to Inverness- there’s nowhere we won’t go.

“We do get a lot of bookings in big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow but it’s always nice to go to more rural villages.”

For many people the definitive ‘Beauty & the Beast’ is the Disney animated version and while John admitted being a fan, he said M&M decided to use the traditional fable as their springboard.

“The original story is so captivating; there isn’t much need to change it but we have written our own script.

“There are however quite a few characters and there’s only four in our cast.

“Lauren who plays Belle is lucky as she only has to play two parts but the other three have all got three or four different roles.

“The tale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is a real family favourite and our shows are very family orientated meaning there isn’t as much opportunistic innuendo that you’d get elsewhere.”

M&M’s panto season runs until mid-February and there won’t be much of a chance for actors to but their feet up then as work will begin on spring productions of ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘Alice In Wonderland’ amongst others.

M&M will give two performances of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ to schools and a public performance at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £5 from