Christmas single without any jingle bells . . .

Tasha Blackmore
Tasha Blackmore
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The Pogues, Slade, Mariah Carey - they’ve all recorded Christmas singles and now Ayton singer Tasha Blackmore has thrown her hat into the yuletide ring.

Tasha originally recorded ‘Last December’ for charity album ‘Bridge and Bauble’ last year but having not released anything new so far this year, decided to spruce it up and given it a release in its own right.

The song was uploaded to Reverbnation on Monday and its accompanying video made available on Youtube.

As with all of Tasha’s music, including debut single ‘Permanent Memory’, ‘Last December’ was inspired by real life events, more specifically a short relationship which she had at Christmas 2011.

“I don’t think I could ever write a song about something that didn’t actually happen,” Tasha told ‘WOW’.

“I find it easy to write about things I’ve experienced; I don’t shy away from putting my emotions into songs.

“I first got the idea for the song when Iain Petrie approached me about ‘Bridge & Bauble’. He said the song needed to be Christmas-themed so I thought I’d write one about what happened the previous year.

“I had it written in about an hour. Once I started it just came pouring out.”

Although the likes of Wham and Mud have famously struck festive gold with songs about heartache, many prefer to keep things upbeat with songs about unwrapping presents, fun times with friends and family and a certain Mr Claus. But Tasha is happy to admit that ‘Last December’ doesn’t fit the stereotypical Christmas song mould.

“Other than the fact I met the person who the song about at Christmas time, it isn’t Christmassy at all; it’s no ‘Jingle Bells’,” she joked.

“I just wanted to put something out there as I have been very quiet this year.

“I was also really keen to shoot another video and work with 80:8 again.

“We shot it at a waterfall not too far from Wooler and the weather was quite appropriate for a Christmas song.

“It was dry but very cold; I was absolutely freezing!”

The release of ‘Last December’ couldn’t have come at a better time for Tasha as her online following now stands at an impressive 43,000.

They, like Tasha herself, are excited about the eventual release of an album and she said that after hitting a few obstacles, having one out next year was looking like a realistic possibility.

“With not doing so much gigging this year I’ve had more time to write and I’ve got lots of material.

“I’ve got some studio time booked for February but before then I need to whittle the album down to 10 songs. I’ve got loads of songs and while I know some aren’t quite as strong in terms of composition I’ve grown attached to them so it would be hard to leave them off.

“I would say the singles I’ve released so far are quite a good indication of what people can expect although there is one track, ‘Brown Eyes’ which is very different.

“I like having the freedom to develop my sounds.

“My roots are country but I like experimenting.”

The main reason for it being rather quiet on the gigging front for Tasha in 2013 is the fact that she now has to juggle her music with a degree in business management at Heriot-Watt university.

“It means I can’t devote all my time to my music but it has given me a lot of ideas for how to manage my career,” she added.