Chris ready to unleash his latest creation

Chris Kent
Chris Kent

His last comic book received coverage in the genre’s top publication and Reston artist Chris Kent is hoping his new release garners a similar response.

‘Medusa’, which featured in Diamond magazine, dealt with the very real struggles faced by a man who returned home from Iraq to be greeted by the news that his daughter had gone missing. But Chris has changed tack for his new comic, or graphic novel, to use the correct terminology.

‘The Golem’, published by Chris’ own Graphite Fiction, wanders into the realm of legend to bring to life a character who is still talked about by many.

Before Frankenstein, there was The Golem, who as Jewish folklore would have it was made from clay and known to frequent the streets of Prague.

He was said to have protected many citizens but also had power which if in the wrong hands could cause chaos.

And this is the route Chris has gone down for his illustrated interpretation comprising 150 pages of pencil drawings.

“I’ve brought the action over to Britain and put it in the Victorian hammer horror mode,” he said. “It’s very debatable if The |Golem is good or bad.

“His story is a shadowy and mysterious one. In my book he is brought to life by a magician after he is left a box of objects by his father.

“The man is known for performing illusions, except The Golem is a very real one.”

Chris admitted that the novel, which will be launched on October 24 as part of the seventeenth Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair, had been a labour of love.

“Every page took a lot of work,” he explained.

“There was a lot of long nights; a lot of rubbing out and a lot of new pencils bought!”

Chris , who trained in fine art at Newcastle University, has previously been invited to attend the famous Comic Con convention in San Diego and already has ambitions for ‘The Golem’.

“I’m hoping to go to London with it. It’s been well received by the people who’ve seen it so far.”