By George they have been busy!

Since catching the attention at a Haiti fundraiser back in 2010 Berwickshire band Where’s George have gone from strength to strength and are now appearing all over the UK.

There’s been a change in personnel over the past four years and the group have gone from playing gigs in the likes of Duns Legion to playing established Edinburgh venues such as Bannermans.

But that’s not to say they’ve forgotten their roots, drummer and guitarist Millie Stokes says the band would love to get some gigs arranged on home turf but at the moment their diary is pretty full.

The highlight of Where’s George’s year so far has to be the launch of their debut EP ‘Underground’ at Bannermans in March and Millie said after years of wanting to hold a CD of their music it was a big moment for her and bandmates Penny Osborne and Chris Robinson.

“It was really frustrating at not being able to give something to people so they could hear what we were all about.

“We had a great time recording it up in Edinburgh and it felt great to finally get the tracks we’d been playing live for a while on a record.

“I think people will notice a difference in our sound from when we started. It wasn’t a delibrate move but a few people have said we’ve got a rockier sound now, quite similar to The White Stripes.”

With an EP now in the can, next on Where’s George’s wishlist is a music video which they hope to film in the not too distant future and like many other entertainers also have their sights set on the Fringe Festival and are hoping to get a few shows lined up as well as doing some busking around Edinburgh, where they recently played the Meadows Festival.

The band have most recently been playing to audiences a lot further south, Cambridge to be precise where they played at some rather glamorous end of year college parties.

“My sister lives down there and she suggested I email a few of the colleges,” Millie explained.

“We got a few replies and the shows went really well; everyone was so friendly. The students were a great crowd.”