Bold Steve goes for the comic jugular


Steve Hughes

WITH a 16+ certificate, those who took their seats on Monday night for Steve Hughes’ ‘Big Issues’ tour knew the show wasn’t going to be one for the faint-hearted.

And if they went along for a brand of comedy that packed a real punch and wasn’t shy to be controversial, they won’t have gone home disappointed.

It was the job of New Zealander Sully O’Sullivan to get The Maltings crowd suitably warmed up and, not afraid to poke fun at his own heritage as well as some of the audience’s – Welshman Sean was singled out for special treatment – he certainly had the punters in the right mood for what was to come.

Arriving on stage looking like Jesus at a heavy metal concert, the night’s main attraction cut a rather commanding figure.

Instead of going for the light and fluffy realm of comedy, Aussie Steve went straight for the comic jugular with gags about how his native nation only really favoured those who were interested in sport; how America tried to rule the rest of the world; and how he’d much rather the modern generation listened to classic metal rather than “a new world order sl*t wrapped in meat” i.e. Lady GaGa.

Clearly not a fan of political correctness, Steve made no apologies for his views on a number of contentious issues – race, religion, drugs and war were all given the Hughes treatment.

And yes while some of the jokes might have been near to the bone, Steve’s well thought-out explanations and intelligent use of language made sure that they weren’t just controversial for the sake of being so.

He’s a comedian cut from a completely different cloth to mainstream comics like Kay, McIntyre et al but that didn’t make him any less entertaining.