Berwickers urged to rummage through archives for film festival

Screen Bandita's Leanora piecing together bits of history
Screen Bandita's Leanora piecing together bits of history

Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival have joined forces with film collectors and curators Screen Bandita to offer a range of opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy films from the archive, to play with vintage film technology, and to dust off their own home movies and see them for the first time in years.

Based in Edinburgh, Screen Bandita members Lydia Beilby and Leanora Olmi share Berwick Film Festival’s passion for celluloid, regularly hosting their own events North of the Border, and this September they will bring this archive to Berwick.

Opening up their archive in Berwick, festival-goers can access a collection of super8 films, slide photographs and gramophone records in The Maltings Henry Travers Studio as part of free, drop in session ‘Films From The Attic’ on the afternoon of Saturday, September 22 from 2.30-5.30pm.

Participants can have fun, rummaging through the old films – and what’s more - for those of you with your own spools of home movies, super8 films gathering dust, and old slides in the attic – bring them along, and Lydia and Leanora will play them for you.

Catering for little specifically, Lydia and Leanora are running a fun, educational workshop for children aged 7+ the next morning, at 10.30am This is a rare chance for children to play with vintage film technology, encouraging the young participants to see how film passes through a projector, to select gramophone records, and to create their own stories and soundtracks for Super8 films from the past.

Sessions such as these represent the many ways in which everyone can actively get involved in the Festival and anyone wanting to volunteer at this year’s event can call Volunteers Coordinator Charlie Gregory on 01289 303355 or go to for information.

And Screen Bandita’s involvement doesn’t end there. The closing evening of this year’s Festival, brings the world premiere of a newly commissioned live event, which sees a compilation from Screen Bandita’s archive being presented alongside a score from Glasgow folk quartet, The One Ensemble. The event promises to be a cinematic adventure offering audiences a journey from Berwick, through Scotland and around the world.

To buy tickets for an on Screen Bandita’s events or anyone others in the Festival programme visit