Become ‘lean and clean’ 
by finding inner warrior

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Modern man may be image-
conscious, family-orientated and not afraid to shed a tear or two, but how many males want to start the year mainlining cabbage soup or gossiping at a weekly weigh-in?

If you find the idea of channelling your inner warrior more appealing than counting calories, the latest book by James Duigan could be right up your street.

In ‘Clean and Lean Warrior’, the Australian personal trainer declares that today’s man is becoming “weaker and less manly”, addicted to a sedentary lifestyle and relying on coffee to get through the day.

“I see the results of this type of lifestyle on the streets and in my gym all the time,” writes Duigan.

“Men walk in for the first time beaten down by modern life, with protruding bellies, rounded shoulders, grey complexions, slim arms and legs and man boobs.”

In contrast, he says, our cavemen ancestors led active, outdoorsy lives, slept and ate well and sported Tarzan-like bodies.

Duigan urges men and women alike to cut down on caffeine, refined sugar, alcohol and processed foods (or C.R.A.P. for short), the four main toxins that cause the body to cling to fat.

And he wants us to eat ‘clean’ foods that are as close as possible to how nature made them and to embrace the ‘good’ fat found in the likes of nuts and oily fish.

Packed with photos of muscle-bound men scaling rocks, boxing and hefting wood in the great outdoors, the book contains tips on achieving a six-pack and working out like a warrior as well as easy recipes for busy people.

Duigan’s top 10 foods:

1) Blueberries: Packed with antioxidants, which help the body deal with stress

2) Alfalfa sprouts: Rich in nutrients and high in fibre, they help digestion

3) Organic salmon: The omega fatty acids help protect the heart. It also contains choline, good for memory and concentration

4) Organic chicken: One of his favourite Clean and Lean proteins

5) Kale and asparagus: Both have antioxidant properties

6) Homemade hummus: A great snack when eaten with crudities

7) Avocado: A source of good fat and potassium; the creaminess of avocado can satisfy a sweet tooth

8) Tomatoes: Contain lots of vitamin C and reduce the risk of heart disease

9) Chilli: Adds flavour and, according to studies, can speed up your metabolism

10) Quinoa: Its health benefits include aiding digestion and lowering blood pressure