Award winner Max prepares for new exhibition in unconventional venue

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after tasting success for the third time in Berwick Gymansium Gallery’s annual open art competition, Grantshouse artist Max Hague is preparing for a new exhibition in the eery surroundings of The Penny Lodging House in Eastern Lane.

The unconventional space is just a stone’s throw away from The Maltings theatre but in terms of decor and atmosphere it might as well be a million miles apart.

For the April exhibition, Max has gathered together a group of regional artists including Michael Dawson, James Page and Orson Page, to collaborate in the surroundings of the Lodging House.

They will be known collectively as Northern Lights, making the exhibition’s title ‘Illuminate’ all the more apt.

And explaining the reasoning behind the bold choice of venue Max told ‘The Guide’: “I and the rest of the group, see the place as an interesting challenge in the sense that by working with the building and what is there, we can regenerate some of the buildings personality and history in a contemporary way.

“The group of artists I have assembled share this aspiration, to illuminate, and put new life and meaning back into a disused space. It’s sort of bringing something back to life through art and the imagination.”

As well as looking ahead to the spring event in the Penny Lodging House, Max is still in a buoyant mood after once again proving popular with art fans who voted in the Gymnasium Gallery’s competition.

His entry ‘Wonderful World’, a rotating disc painting was a visualization of the Earth as seen from outer space, showing swirling skies, oceans, and land masses, painted in atmospheric colours. The work is one of a series depicting The Four Seasons.

And celebrating his success Max said: “I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people who voted for my entry, and I am thrilled and humbled by the continuing appreciation and support from the public at large for my work.

“In these times of gloom and doom it is very easy to forget the wonderful world we live in. The arts in general can be a great vehicle for lifting our spirits.”

Further details of ‘Illuminate’ will be announced in the New Year and will be available at