Author releases three books in ten months

Author Lisa J Hobman publishing her third book in a year. The Girl before Eve
Author Lisa J Hobman publishing her third book in a year. The Girl before Eve
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What a year it’s been for Berwickshire author Lisa Hobman who is about to release her third book in less than 10 months.

Yorkshire lass Lisa only moved to the area in May 2012 but after tasting so much success with the novels written from her new home she told WOW “it doesn’t feel like I’ve lived anywhere else; I certainly don’t want to move again.”

All three of Lisa’s books, debut ‘Bridge Over The Atlantic’, ‘Through The Glass’ and ‘The Girl Before Eve’, released on January 30, have a strong Scottish connection but the net has closed in a bit for her latest creation, with the action set a bit closer to home.

“It felt really nice to write about something more local,” Lisa said during a break on working on books number five and six.

“And I absolutely love Edinburgh. Before I moved to Berwickshire I’d been to Scotland on trips to the Highlands but always just passed through the city but now it’s not too far away I spend a lot of time there.

“I get feedback from people saying that as well as relating to the stories I write they can also identify with locations and the happy times they’ve spent there.”

Originally seeing writing as nothing more than a hobby to indulge her creative flair, Lisa was stunned when her first foray into the literary world was welcomed with open arms by American-based 5 Prince Publishing.

And their faith in second novel ‘Through the Glass’ also rendered her speechless so to now have three books under her belt, Lisa is in dreamland.

“I nearly fell through the floor when I got the email,” she joked.

“I never take anything for granted. I was thrilled with the response to the first two novels but I never take anything for granted.

“It still seems so amazing yet absolutely surreal that they’d have so much faith in not just an unknown writer but one who lives so far away.”

Lisa writes firmly in the realms of romantic fiction and it seems that she has a knack for pulling on the heartstrings as she has made it into the iTunes Romance top 10, establishing herself as certified iTunes best seller in the process.

And with that success behind her there was no reason to change tack for novel number three.

Teasing the plot, Lisa said: “‘The Girl Before Eve’ is about best friends Adam and Lily.

“At 18 Lily realises that she is completely in love with Adam but makes the mistake of introducing him to her friend Eve as a joke because of their names.

“Unfortunately they fall for each other leaving Lily a victim of unrequited love.

“However years later Adam needs Lily to pick up the pieces.

“I always try and write about realistic themes and I’m hoping there’s a few people who can sympathise with Lily.”

As well as penning the story, Lisa likes to play a big role in the whole process of bringing her book to the shelf.

“At one time the publishing house would have all the say when it comes to the front cover but with a lot of authors now self-publishing there’s been a big shift.

“I love getting involved with the cover and I couldn’t be happier with the new one.

“Rather than using photos I want my readers to build up their own images of the characters.”

‘The Girl Before Eve’ will be available from Amazon iTunes and 5 Prince Publishing.