Scottish independence: Wall-to-wall TV coverage

Jackie Bird will be on BBC1's all night results programme
Jackie Bird will be on BBC1's all night results programme

REFERENDUM geeks keen to follow every last twist and turn of the campaign until the results are announced in the early hours of tomorrow morning will be in good company.

Sky News, BBC and STV will be live at all 32 counts throughout Scotland with continuous coverage through the night.

Glenn Campbell’s Scotland Decides is on BBC1 from 10.30pm tonight to 9.15am. Political Editor Brian Taylor will be in the studio, with Jackie Bird interviewing experts and contributors from both sides.

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A separate programme anchored by Huw Edwards will be screened on BBC2 in Scotland.

After a special STV News at Ten, STV’s own Scotland Decides with Bernard Ponsonby and Aasmah Mir will be broadcast across the ITV network until 6am, when Scottish viewers will continue referendum coverage presented by both MacKay and Andrea Brymer.

Sky News’s Decision Time: Scotland will be presented by Adam Boulton, Kay Burley and Niall Paterson who will be at counts in Ingliston, Glasgow and Aberdeen.


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