Family fun in the sun at Earlston Civic Week

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Saturday’s summer sunshine helped guarantee an unforgettable climax to a glorious Earlston Civic Week.

“We witnessed a terrific demonstration of community togetherness and pride and we were very lucky with the weather,” observed Tom Burnham, secretary of the event’s organising committee.

The annual festival fully realised its aspiration to be an inclusive family-friendly celebration with a colourful fancy dress parade, led by Melrose Pipe Band, on Saturday afternoon.

As darkness descended, hundreds of townsfolk took part in a spectacular torchlight procession from East End to the rugby ground, where a climactic fireworks display thrilled the crowds.

“We had a terrific turnout for the procession, selling 179 torches which is a record in recent times,” said Tom.

Tuesday’s heavy rain meant the record entry of 88 athletes experienced muddy conditions for the traditional Black Hill Race with Adam Craig of Edinburgh AC claiming the cup as overall winner.

The first woman home was Rachel Newstead of Carnethy Hill Running Club.

The Civic Week marquee was a busy place, hosting a successful quiz night on Wednesday and a bingo and nibbles night on Thursday.

And the venue was packed and rocking on Friday night for the eagerly-awaited return of Hawick band Scocha.

“We had so many highlights throughout the week, it’s hard to pick one out,” said Tom.

“We’re very lucky in Earlston to have so many youngsters on our Civic Week committee, ensuring that we move with the times and have something for everyone.

“The Civic Week brings us all together and helps sustain us throughout the year.”

Event results
Roll of honour

Best decorated shop window – Earlston Pharmacy. Civic Week Golf Tournament at Lauder – Gents: Wattie Scott; Ladies: Janice Whiteford; nearest hole at 6 th – Archie Anderson. Darts – Brad Wilkie; runner-up Craig Robertson. Dominoes – Steven Cessford ; runner-up Tony Campbell. Pool – Tony Campbell; runner-up George Cessford. Car treasure hunt – Carol and Fraser Austin. Five-a- side football – Youth: Dynamo Earlston; runners-up Bench Warmers FC. Adult – No Trout; runners-up The Wonderfags. Duck Dip – 1, Alec Blakey; 2, Eilidh Cockburn; 3, Mandy Miller. Family Fun Quiz – Where’s Tumsh (Brian Hunter, Kevin Graham, Gordon Marshall and Richard Aitchison). Bowling tournament – 1, George Moffat (skip), David Young, Anne Black and Colin Bradley; runners-up Bill Scott (skip), Gordon Marshall, Wattie Scott and Tony Campbell. Best floral display – Connie Seaton, pictured right.

Fancy Dress

Singles under age 5 – 1, Stick Man (Nathan Devenny); 2, Free to a Good Home (Maisie Baillie); 3, British Lion (Millie Bottomley).
Singles 5-10 years – 1, Chase – Paw Patrol (Charlie Miles); 2, Katie Postie Retired (Madison Elliot); 3, Pinocchio (Mackenzie Elliot).
Adult singles – 1, Cauldy Watch (Alison McKeeney); 2, Runner Bean (Bob Austin); 3, Daffy Duck (Janet Foster).
Groups, under 10 years – 1, Auld Earlston Ladies (Connie Whitaker, Alaina Whitaker and Emily Elphick); 2, Home and Away (Sandy Bell and Macy Bell); 3, Hide n Seek (Alex Campbell and Paton Mackenzie).
Groups: 11-16 years – Sonny and Cher (Lewis Newton and Kiara O’Neill). Adult – 1, Black Bull (Tony Waghorne); 2, Red Lion (Stevie Newtown); 3, White Swan (Lauren Rawlings). Adults with children – 1, Earlston’s Holiest (Fran Thom, Liza Lees, Doreen Garry, Mhari Breen, Trish Watson, Douglas Ballantyne, Keith Watson, Byron Lees, Charlotte Breen and Elizabeth Breen); 2, Five Nights (Rosie Peaty, Tom Sinclair, Freddie Sinclair, Matilda Sinclair and Sara Gamon); 3, Money Supermarket (Hazel Walker, Neil Walker, Sammy Walker, Karen Farquhar, Tom Farquhar, Ryan Farquhar and Paige Mackenzie).
Bikes – 1, Stow Bikers (Andrew Whiteford and Walter Scott); 2, Re-Cycling (Ewan Piercy); 3, Born to be Wild (Rosie Briggs and Frankie Pringle).
Trophy winners – Sandy Blair Trophy for outstanding entry – Cauldy Watch; Hazel Lyall Trophy for most eyecatching entry – The Three Pubs; Joyce Ballantyne Trophy for best adults with children entry – Earlston’s Holiest; Whitefield Cup for best singles 5-10 years – Stick Man; Les Scott Trophy for best group under 10 years – Auld Earlston Ladies.

Pet show

Conan, a Staffordshire/Collie cross puppy, helped his young owner Kiara O’Neill claim overall victory in the Earlston Civic Week pet show last Tuesday.
Full results: Dog under 1 year – 1, Kiara O’Neill and Conan; 2, Isla Francey and Alfie; 3, Charlie Myers and Chase.
Dog over 1 year – 1, Emma McLaren and Scrappy; 2, Eve Sinclair and Shuggy; 3, Eve McLaren and Odie.
Bitch under 1 year – 1, Trish Watson and Roxy; 2, Scott Denham and Bella. 
Bitch over 1 year – 1, Cameron Cooper and Daisy; 2, Mutt Young and Poppy; 3, Jody McNeill and Nala.
Rabbits – Madison Elliot and Shadow; hamsters – 1=, Madison Elliot and Rocky, and Eva Baxter and Chip; guinea pigs – Oscar and Erin Stewart and Coco; others – Freddie Sinclair and Herbie the terrapin.


Cancelled last year because of inclement weather, the sun shone on Earlston Civic Week’s Fun Sports at the rugby ground on Saturday afternoon when keen competition and friendly rivalry were the order of the day.
Girls under 5 – 1, Lily Cannon; 2eq, Jessica McCue and Sophie Tait; 3, Gracie Weatherston.
Boys under 5 – 1, Leon Scott; 2, Nathan Devenny; 3, Harris Millan.
Girls 6-8 years – 1, Emily Wilson; 2, Amy Cessford; 3, Amelia Hutt.
Boys 6-8 years – 1, Oscar Stewart; 2, Ewan Stuart; 2, Lewis Cockburn.
Girls 9-11 years – 1, Molly Turnbull; 2, Ailsa Clark; 3, Meadow Fairbairn.
Boys 9-11 years – 1, Shae O’Neill; 2, Cameron Cooper; 2, Regan Stisi.
Boys 12-15 years – 1, Lewis Wheeler; 2, Andrew Slater; 3, Daniel Aitken.
Women – 1, Kelly Devenny; 2, Rebekah Sheratt; 3, Lauren Scott.
Men – 1, Steven Cessford; 2, Lee Martin; 3, Lewis Wheeler.
Girls under 5 sack race one – 1, Connie Whitaker; 2, Emily Elphick; 3, Lily Cannon.
Girls under 5 sack race two – 1, Gracie Weatherston; 2, Leona Hughes; 3, Alaina Whitaker.
Boys under 5 sack race – 1, Kaelin Cockburn; 2, Charlie Myers; 3, Leon Scott.
Girls 6-8 sack race – 1, Amelia Hutt; 2, Olivia Stewart; 3, Mia Weatherston.
Boys 6-8 sack race one – 1, Sandy Bell; 2, Ciaran Hughes; 3, Michael Slater.
Boys 6-8 sack race two – 1, Ewan Stewart; 2, Oscar Stewart; 3, Laton James.
Girls 9-11 sack race – 1, Molly Turnbull; 2, Madison Elliot; 3, Georgia Slater.
Boys 9-11 sack race – 1, Shae O’Neill; 2, Regan Stisi; 3, Cameron Cooper.
Girls 12-15 sack race – 1, Amy Slater; 2, Casey Girling.
Boys 12-15 sack race – 1, Andrew Slater; 2, Logan Wood; 3, Daniel Aitken.
Women’s sack race – 1, Gillian McGarver; 2, Kelly Devenny; 3, Sarah Lothian.