Borders on Independence: Chain Bridge children

Watch Harriet Grecian’s short documentary film, which forms a six-part series about life in the Borders and the potential impact of the Scottish independence referendum.

Harriet, 27, is a freelance TV producer from Norham, now based in London.

She has created a series of short films called Borders on Independence which shine a light on daily life for the people who live and work right on the border.

Inspired by the Scottish independence referendum, the former Berwick Middle School and Longridge Towers pupil has been returning home regularly since February to work on her series of documentaries along with Berwick-based Borders photographer Zoe Lang.

Harriet said: “Being a Borderer, the Scottish independence referendum could have a huge impact on my life. I wanted to see what other people in the area thought about it.

“These shorts also take a look at life in the Borders and people’s individual identities and how they are tied to where they are from be it Scotland, England or simply ‘The Borders’.”