US rocker Joseph Parsons heads for Selkirk this April

Touring with his latest release, '˜The Field The Forest', accomplished rock songwriter Joseph Parsons hits Selkirk with co-headliners Doghouse Roses.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017, 9:28 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:02 am
Joseph Parsons, at the County Hotel, Selkirk, touring with his new album The Field The Forest .
Joseph Parsons, at the County Hotel, Selkirk, touring with his new album The Field The Forest .

A prolific songwriter, recording artist and performer with over 20 commercial label releases, Joseph Parsons has always created his own unique sound. He brings a heart and soul to his songs through energy and emotional honesty, ranging from stories of people caught in hard times to uplifting songs of love and life.

Originally from the musical city of Philadelphia, Parsons has made his name by consistently delivering exceptional song driven albums alongside a rigorous touring schedule throughout Europe and the US, including last year’s successful tours of the UK and Germany with Doghouse Roses.

Performing as a duo for these shows, Parsons will be accompanied by the exceptionally talented guitarist, Freddi Lubitz.

Parsons’ albums are always a journey for the listener and his most recent, ‘The Field The Forest’ (Blue Rose Records), is no exception. ‘The Field The Forest’, is a double EP package that focuses on two distinctive writing styles of Parsons. The Field carries a lighter meditation on redemption and relationships. The Forest is an adventurous, heavier rock-toned EP that delves into topics of mortality, war and love.

Presenting his new material as two bite-sized song cycles is a creative way of facing down the contemporary challenge to the album format. Vinyl junkies in particular will recognise the need at the end of side one, to flip over the disc and immerse into side two.

His music weaves elements of rock, folk and soul into his own distinct and authentic sound. Both as a solo artist, and also with his band, his stage shows are dynamic, spirited and deeply moving experiences.

Catch his live show at The County Hotel, Selkirk, on Sunday, April 30 at 3pm. Tickets £8 from