Anyone for Argentine Tango? Berwick class needs dancers

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If you’ve been blown away by the moves of the professionals on Strictly, you have the chance to get to grips with the Argentine Tango closer to home.

Every Wednesday, Newcastle-based dancer Dante Abel Culcuy journeys up the A1 to get locals moving to one of the most intense and sensual dances of the ballroom.

Couples like Strictly’s Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace make it look easy and Berwick class organiser Maria Fuentes said although the steps require some precision, it certainly wasn’t a step too far for beginners.

“The way they do it on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is very over the top; it looks very difficult but its what they call ‘a walking dance’ so its actually not that difficult.

“It relies heavily on improvisation and there is no basic step. Like every dance it takes some time lo learn but eventually it should come second nature.”

Unlike traditional ballroom dances which dictate that partners arch their upper bodies away from each other, Argentine Tango is all about the closeness between the dancers.

“You have to work very closely with the person you’re dancing with,” Maria continued.

“In some countries it’s even used for couples therapy!”

The Argentine Tango classes in Berwick attracted as many as 10 couples when they first started but this has since dwindled to five and Maria said if the sessions are to continue more people need to take to the floor.

“There were a few couples who went on holiday and probably thought they’d be too out of step to come back but each class has a half hour practice session at the end for people to get to grips with the moves.

“We really need some more dancers as Dante comes up from Newcastle every week for the classes and if we don’t get more people coming along it won’t be worth his while.”

Anyone wanting to find out more should ring Maria on (01289) 332592.