A bit of Magic ensures Northern Flame will burn brightly at Berwick Film Festival

Damian one of the stars of 'Northern Flame'
Damian one of the stars of 'Northern Flame'

THE streets of Berwick were packed to the rafters on Thursday, June 14 when the Olympic torch made it ways through the town and as many onlookers caught the occasion on their phones and camera, North East film company Magic Inc had their camera rolling for a film which will premiere at Berwick Film Festival in September.

The aptly titled ‘Northern Flame’ documents the torch as it crosses the border at Berwick and leaves Northumberland at Riding Mill but instead of all of the focus being purely on it, Magic If’s Bev said she wanted toget a real insight into the locations it travelled through and show them in their best light.

A frequent visitor to Berwick, Bev already had a few ideas up her sleeve for how to present it to a film audience but these were fuelled even further by getting Berwick Youth Project on board, with one enthusiatic member, Damian, proving particularly helpful.

She explained: “The thing that struck me about Damian was the fact that even though he’s from Poland originally and hasn’t been in Berwick for that long he had a real passion for the town and that’s exactly the type of person we wanted to have onboard.

“When you think of Berwick you think of the fabulous bridges - one of our key shots was getting the torch bearer coming across the bridge- but one thing that did really surprise me is the number of people from different parts of the country and the world who have come to live here.

“Damian even said to me that when he lived in other parts of the UK he felt like an outsider but Berwick felt like home.

“I think being involved in the filming process was a big confidence boost for him and in turn he was a real asset to us!”

Magic If’s research into Berwick also led them to the town’s vibrant music scene, particularly The Warehouse Announcement who bagged themselves an appearance in the film.

Fortunately for Magic If’s filming in Berwick and all those who turned out to witness the torch relay, the town was bathed in sunshine on June 14 but less than 24 hours later conditions were very wet to say the least, meaning other filming wasn’t so easy!

“I just couldn’t get over how much the weather changed in less than a day,” Bev continued.

“In the final cut you’ll see Berwick, Bamburgh and Alnwick looking all sunny but then in Amble and Bedlington it was absolutely horrendous - typical British weather!

“We’re all really excited that the film is premiering in Berwick - it’s the perfect place for it to be shown first as it was the first leg of our journey.”