70th crowning a great occasion for Eyemouth

2014 Herring Queen Ailsa Landels will be have the honour of the 70th crowning in summer 2014
2014 Herring Queen Ailsa Landels will be have the honour of the 70th crowning in summer 2014
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Eyemouth should be a sea of colour and a hive of activity this weekend as this year’s Herring Queen festivities get underway.

And there’s something extra to celebrate this year, Eyemouth High pupil Ailsa Landels will be the 70th girl to be crowned queen, following in the footsteps of many others who will be in the town on Saturday afternoon to witness her crowning.

Unfortunately Mary Craig, Eyemouth’s first ever Herring Queen won’t be there to witness the occasion but 82 year old Anne Collin (nee Rosie), the oldest surving queen will be there. Now 82, Anne will be joined by 30 of her family, many of whom are flying in from America.

As well as proudly holding a place in Eyemouth history, the former queens have already been in the spotlight thanks to the Herring Queen committee masterminding a banner trail throughout the town featuring each and every one of them.

Fifty eight of them are expected to be in attendance at the weekend and they will all know how Ailsa is feeling as she takes her position on the stage in the Co-op car park on Saturday to officially be crowned and begin her reign as Herring Queen.

President of the Herring Queen Committee, Jim Barrie, has been associated with the event since 1973, witnessing both the 50th and 60th celebrations, but says the ante has been upped for this year.

“There’s a real buzz about the town at the moment and a lot of that is down to the banner trail I think.

“They’re the result of a 10 year plan and it’s great to finally have them up and have everyone talking about them.

“Flags and banners have also started to go up on people’s houses but wait until Saturday- I’m sure it’ll be a sight!

“Each time one of the ten year anniversaries comes around it gives the Herring Queen another lift.

“With the 58 former queens and many of their relatives coming along from all over the world and the daughters and grandaughters of those former queens who are sadly no longer with us, we’re hoping for a record crowd and it should be a really terrific event.”