Ten-year-old Billy earns Taekwondo Black Belt

Duns youngster Billy Short packing a punch after passing his Taekwondo back belt grading
Duns youngster Billy Short packing a punch after passing his Taekwondo back belt grading

DUNS martial arts marvel Billy Short has gained his black belt in Taekwondo - at just 10 years of age.

The talented Duns Primary pupil earned his latest prestigious accessory after attending a course in Edinburgh with his instructor, 3rd dan Black Belt George Clelland.

“He went on a three day instructors course with Mr Clelland and on the third day they asked if he wanted to try and get his black belt,” explained Billy’s dad Darren Short. “It’s the most nervous I’ve ever seen him!”

But Billy put his nerves aside and put on an impressive display to earn the coveted colour, just three years after taking up the sport. And the achievement is still sinking in.

“When I woke up the next day I couldn’t believe I’d got my black belt,” Billy said.

Billy has been a dedicated member of the Berwick-based Master Harkess Taekwondo School since 2009, and trains there every Saturday morning.

As well as attending classes in Berwick, Billy also travels to Edinburgh once a week for further training, and attends three-day courses in the school holidays. He now goes on to compete at the British Championships at Meadowbank in November.

Instructor,George Clelland, has hailed Billy’s dedication. “He’s outstanding - he comes to all the classes, he’s full of commitment,” he said. “He won two Gold medals at the British Championships last year so hopefully he’ll do well there again. He’s certainly doing extremely well for his age.”

Anyone who would like to give Taekwondo a go is welcome to go along to a class with George Clelland at the Swan Centre, Berwick at 10.30am on Saturday mornings. The first lesson is free.